Intelligent pricing strategies for every product and every selling style

Appeagle's smart strategies use unique in-house algorithms developed over a decade to help Amazon and Walmart sellers succeed
smart strategies

Appeagle's "Get the Buy Box" strategy aggressively targets the Buy Box

Appeagle uses a powerful, intelligent algorithm to win the Buy Box and keep you in it — whether you sell on Amazon, Walmart, or both.

get the buy box

Choose who to compete against

Exclude Amazon, and pick the competition you reprice against based on seller rating, number of handling days, backordered item status, and more.

handling days

Control exactly how products reprice

Beat competitors on price, match them, or price above them.

control exactly
I cannot begin to explain the success we've had with the Get the Buy Box feature. Sales exploded overnight! I stand behind Appeagle's technology, it blew me away.
Christian Souza, Founder of

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